Innovations That Keep the Future of Solar Energy Looking Bright

solar power

California has been the hotbed for solar energy use and technology in the last decade or so, considering that it is one of the sunniest states in the country and Silicon Valley is located in it. More homes and businesses are using solar tech in California than any other state in the United States. And with the expected big upward spike in the industry by next year, California is gearing up for an increase in the number of people using solar energy. And keeping up with these are several technological advances that could make the engineers want more than just a small piece of the solar pie.

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The sun’s output that strikes the Earth is estimated at around 170,000 terawatts. According to NASA, 100 billion tons of dynamite exploding every second could match this output. With the technology that we currently have, we barely make a scratch on all the energy that we could potentially utilize. We could not put solar panels everywhere with considerations ranging from safety and aesthetic limiting usage. But some innovations could change the game and make solar energy more popular and fun for everyone. Here are some of them.


Solar windows


Imagine every glass surface window in the US being converted to solar windows. These are basically like conventional windows except they lose some of their transparency when they reconfigure to start generating electricity from sunlight. It is estimated that the technology could potentially supply 40% of the total electricity demand in the United States. That’s a big chunk of electricity being switched to solar tech. Plus, the designers say that solar windows could potentially pay for itself through savings on electricity bills.


Solar paint


This might seem like a scenario straight out of sci-fi flicks but there have been advancements made on paints that could generate electricity from sunlight. Simply put, these are paints with imbedded crystals that generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect. One of the potential benefits of solar paints is that when fully operational, you only need to have a technician come in after painting, saving money on installation costs.


However, there is a drawback to this technology. At present, solar paint only operates at 3-8% efficiency. That is nowhere near the 18% that the average modern solar panel is capable of. It is hoped that more advanced solar paint versions will come out in the next few years with efficiency comparable to modern solar panels.


Solar cars


There is an annual solar car race in Australia that showcases the innovative designs in getting cars to run on solar power. The technology is several years old but the car design is like something from the film “Back To The Future” with blocky and outrageously low sections. Building a street-legal car that runs on solar energy is facing challenges, like low and intermittent performance. 


However, development continues with the vision of building a street-legal vehicle running completely on solar energy.


California is front and center in the great solar race. And with companies like Soleeva Energy leading the way, new, smarter and more efficient methods of generating solar energy will be available to consumers in the Bay Area. Check out our website at schedule a consult and we will let you know how to get your very own solar module system. Head out to Soleeva now.



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