It’s a Good Time to Be In California: Time to Go Solar

Solar power

Solar power generation is almost as old as civilization, from back when mirrors were being used to divert light into a spot to heat it to the modern photovoltaic cells. The sun has been the one constant source of energy for humans, drying their fish, helping their plants grow, even cooking their dishes. It is a clean source of energy that will not run out of power.


California is one of the sunniest states in the country. The average amount of sunlight that falls onto it is greater than every state with the probable exception of Texas and New Mexico. It’s not a surprise then that California is one of the leading users of solar energy in the United States. More households are using solar power in Cali than in any other state. However, it does not mean that California is the only state where solar panels can be purchased by ordinary Americans.

Solar power 1

Advances in solar technology in the last ten years made it possible to produce solar panels that the average household can afford. But California paved the way for the household use of solar energy generators. State laws provide tax incentives for any home with a solar installation. However, it is only in California that the incentives go up to 30%. The bigger tax incentive provided by California legislation made it more appealing for the people to go solar.


California also has a program they call the net energy metering plan (or the NEM). Under this program, any excess electricity generated by a system is brought into the grid. When timed properly, this can be made into a profitable endeavor. For example, we know that electricity is most in-demand during noon and afternoon. This is also the time when electricity charges are at its highest, what with the air-conditioning and stuff. For the enterprising Californian, this can be a great opportunity. Peak solar output occurs at noon and the afternoon, coinciding with the highest demand and cost of grid electricity. With the NEM program, the surplus electricity from a solar power system will go to the grid to be used by somebody else, who will then pay a higher price for the energy used. This will turn into credits that can be redeemed when the solar user purchases electricity, preferably at night when the rate and demand are down. Instant profit!

With California set to be the first state that requires all new buildings and residential structures to install solar panels, there is great potential for more laws that support solar use to be passed. 


Not only that, but the law will also pave the way for more developments in solar technology, which will eventually result in increased efficiency and lower costs. There’s no better time to switch to solar power than now and to help you with the transition, contact the professionals at With years of experience, our experts have all the tools and knowledge to make your solar energy project a breeze. Go to Soleeva and schedule a consultation now.


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